Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here is Sydnee Watching Bones her new favorite show!!! I BLAME LISA!!! LOL

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just another picture of me playing with my cube!

Helping Daddy put together my new toy! Its a cube with all sorts of different toys on it. Its so cool even Sydnee likes it! She keeps taking it away from me thats why I was up late so I can have a chance to play with my new toys!

Sydnee is Opening her presents and Ashlyn is playing with her toy while Sydnee is distractied!

Here is pictures of Sydnee on Ashlyns 1st birthday. She destroyed the cake... Luckily it was after Ashlyn and mommy got some! :) Sydnee got messier than Ashlyn did!

We love our daddy! Daddy just got home from class and we rushed him. We almost knocked him over when first saw him! He was pretty excited! It took us awhile to warm back up to him when he first got back but now we are a happy family again!

All done. Look how cute I am!

My messey baby girl! She really enjoyed her cake!

Eating cake all dainty, Can some one please pass me a fork?

I could still use a fork over here!

My yummy cake!! WAHOOOOOO... lemme at it!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sydnee sleeping under the chair. She found Ash's binki under the computer desk and desided to climb under the chair to get it and as soon as the binki hit her lips she was OUT!!!

Heres Ash's pony tail!!!

Matching outfits, Ignore Syd's binki!! It has been thrown away!

Some pictures of Ashlyn when her daddy was giving her a bath!
Isnt she pretty!

Here are the girls playing cards! Watch out they are practicing Pounce, Syd says bring it on Aunt Jill and Lisa!

Ashlyn says she can take ya'll also!
So I just thought that I should let every one know Sydnees new saying or phrase!!! Ashlyn walked up to Sydnee and was kind of talking to her and Sydnee looks at Ashlyn and said 'Go away, please!' then I asked her what did you just say to her? and she said 'I said Go away PLEASE!'

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've been tagged:
I was tagged by my sisters Lisa and Jill Holmes
I am: A sister, a daughter, a child of God, a cousin, a friend, a mommy and a wife
I think: about family and friends and Utah ALOT!!
I know: I am loved and everything will be alright eventually anyway!
I want: lots of hugs and kisses from my babies!! And some snow pants for Syd!
I have: everything I need, great friends, awesome family, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the best Job in the world!!
I dislike: greed, and ignorance!
I miss: my Mommy and Daddy!!
I fear: Spiders and not knowing if I am doing a good job. And mostly myself!
I feel: pain. Stupid Army and German dentists!!
I hear: Cartoons and laughter from Syd and Ash.
I smell: I think its Camo Camo!?
I crave: my moms home cookin... and jills sweet rolls Actually anything from home!
I cry: when i am hurt... not physically but emotionally... which seems to be alot!
I search: for knowledge, hope and understanding!
I wonder: why??
I regret: alot of things but none that I would trade for anything!
I wish: for more peace!
I love: my two beautiful Daughters, my most of the time wonderful husband, my AMAZING parents, and my annoying Siblings!! LOL J/P
I care: about my girls future.
I always: worry!
I worry: everything most of which doesnt matter!
I am not: perfect!!
I remember: people who have passed times that are gone and love that is still here!
I believe: in being honest!
I sing: all the time not very well but Syd and Ash like it and sing with me!
I don't: Pain!!
I argue: little things that dont matter!
I write: on my blog!
I win: at card games!! I never win!!!!:) (i'm leaving this for Jill so she will win)
I lose: my cool with stupid boys!! (I agree 100%)
I listen: to everything
I don't understand: alot of things
I can usually be found: at home with my babies or shopping my my babies and my hunny!
I need: alot
I forget: names
I am happy: with everything in my life except me!
Now I tAg... Kaleena... Your the only one who follows my blog that hasnt done it already... Sorry! :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We went to my Reserve christmas party today and Santa was there so we wanted to get pictures with him of each of the girls but they were terrified of the Jolly man in red... Luckily we got an Excellent picture of the family with santa! Even though Sydnee is eating the cookie that she was suppose to give to Santa!!! :)

Syd and the Tree She likes having her picture taken

Ash looking silly with the tree

Syd and Ash with the christmas tree

Mommy and Syd putting tinsle on the tree

Daddy and the girls putting up the christmas tree

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kids sleep in the strangest places! Here is Ash and Syd sleeping in random places. I have more and will add them later!