Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've been tagged:
I was tagged by my sisters Lisa and Jill Holmes
I am: A sister, a daughter, a child of God, a cousin, a friend, a mommy and a wife
I think: about family and friends and Utah ALOT!!
I know: I am loved and everything will be alright eventually anyway!
I want: lots of hugs and kisses from my babies!! And some snow pants for Syd!
I have: everything I need, great friends, awesome family, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the best Job in the world!!
I dislike: greed, and ignorance!
I miss: my Mommy and Daddy!!
I fear: Spiders and not knowing if I am doing a good job. And mostly myself!
I feel: pain. Stupid Army and German dentists!!
I hear: Cartoons and laughter from Syd and Ash.
I smell: I think its Camo Camo!?
I crave: my moms home cookin... and jills sweet rolls Actually anything from home!
I cry: when i am hurt... not physically but emotionally... which seems to be alot!
I search: for knowledge, hope and understanding!
I wonder: why??
I regret: alot of things but none that I would trade for anything!
I wish: for more peace!
I love: my two beautiful Daughters, my most of the time wonderful husband, my AMAZING parents, and my annoying Siblings!! LOL J/P
I care: about my girls future.
I always: worry!
I worry: everything most of which doesnt matter!
I am not: perfect!!
I remember: people who have passed times that are gone and love that is still here!
I believe: in being honest!
I sing: all the time not very well but Syd and Ash like it and sing with me!
I don't: Pain!!
I argue: little things that dont matter!
I write: on my blog!
I win: at card games!! I never win!!!!:) (i'm leaving this for Jill so she will win)
I lose: my cool with stupid boys!! (I agree 100%)
I listen: to everything
I don't understand: alot of things
I can usually be found: at home with my babies or shopping my my babies and my hunny!
I need: alot
I forget: names
I am happy: with everything in my life except me!
Now I tAg... Kaleena... Your the only one who follows my blog that hasnt done it already... Sorry! :)

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