Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here is the beautiful new addition to our lil family! Her name is Izabella, bella for short. She only gets called Izabella when she is in trouble! She is only 11 weeks old, her birthday is June 27. She is a pure breed begal and is a VERY happy and hyper pup! So she fits in GREAT around here! We got her last friday (5 Sept). Andy doesn't know it yet but she was his birthday present! LOL She loves to pee on the floor right now, and it always seems that right after we take her outside is when she goes pee on the floor! She gets picked on a lot because she's the lil sister! Sydnee thinks because she has cute floppy ears that they are to pull on! And Ashlyn trys to pet her but she just ends up hitting her or pulling on her fur! But bella is really good with the girls she doesnt snap at them or anything! I was pretty suprised!! She is quite the poser so she REALLY fits in with Sydnee and Ashlyn!


Holmes said...

Wow! We are excited to have another dog in the family. I think this is the first beagle.

mom and dad said...

Did you get the collar and tag yet???? and you need to post more here i want pictures of your trip!!! I want to see the girls!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! love Jill