Monday, November 24, 2008

Here is what is left of the company... well and who came and brought their familys!
Left to right: Back row: Agistini and wife Jen, Brown Melanie and Aija, Melody and Rocha, Nash, Barguette and son, Lynn, Ashlyn Andy and me.
Front: Pierce wife and daughter, LT Marshall and 3 Daughters, the three lynn girls, and lil miss Sydnee

Aija dn LT marshall and the twins and the back of Ashlyns head... And there still isnt any hair!

Aija and Sydnee helping clean up!


Ashlyn eating a marker! YUMMY!!!

Sydnee and Ashlyn Coloring

Aija giving Ashlyn a hug! So Sweet!

Ashlyn standing around

Andy had a family day at work and here are all the other little kids!! I dont know all of their names so yea thats all you get! :)

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Lisa Lou said...

Cute pictures!! It looks like lots of fun. Where are the Birthday pictures??? :) Katie wrote that she feels like there is an audience waiting for her posts and then remembers that we are family and understand that she is, we are an audience tensely waiting for the next post!! :p Love you guys!! Happy Thanksgiving!