Monday, November 24, 2008

I gotta baby doll!! I LOVE HER!! Thank you Lt Marshall and Girls!!!

Brown holding his baby, Aija and my Baby!

MY NEW ELMO BARN!!! Thank you Aija!!! It moo's like a cow and oinks like a pig!

My winnie the Pooh cake! Daddy put the candles on it can you guess what it is?


Get me off this train, I wanna run and jump and be a big girl now!!!

The train ride inside the Kinder Spiel. Syd is towards the back!

Dont take my picture I'm too busy playing!

You cant see me daddy!

I wanna jump on the tramp with the big kids!


Lisa Lou said...

Mom says Thank you!! It looks like fun, I wish I was there! Syd looks like she is attacking Ashlyn in the picture where she is in your lap getting away from the mouse... :) We love you and miss you guys! We keep praying that you will get your new orders soon so you'll at least be in the same country!

Holmes said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Fun party! Time really speeds up from here Crystal. And do come for Christmas that would be perfect!

Josh & Stormie Tingey said...

Hey its stormie lol. Your girls are getting so big. I'm still waiting for my plain ticket :P lol jk let me know when you will be back in utah so i can come and see ya :)