Saturday, November 29, 2008

So today we sold Bella. Sydnee was pretty distrought about it for the first about half hour any way! She started screaming BELLA BELLA PUPPY PUPPY when the family we sold her to took her away. We did sell her to a really sweet family though, they had 2 children a 12 year old girl (Who LOVES dogs, she reminded me of Jill. That kinda sold me on them) and a 9 year old boy (Who kinda reminded me of myself when I was little SCARED OF DOGS, mainly Aunt Alice and Uncle Daves dogs, they always hated me!!) Bella now has a HUGE yard to play in and a field to go hunting in! So hopefully she will be happy with her new family!!!

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Josh & Stormie Tingey said...

lol our dogs were so nice i dont know what u were scared of lol.